Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Channel Four broadcast their weather segment from Cami's backyard. Lily made her first television appearance and met her first chihuahua. She doesn't seem too impressed by the puppy, but Johnny does!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lily is two months old!

Smiling for the camera

Lily at 2 months!

Lily is now two months old! Time goes by so fast. Her new talents include smiling, giggling, cooing, sleeping longer than an hour at a time (even in her crib), and focusing on books (her favorite book character is Elmo :) ).
Johnny and I are getting ready for the new semester to start. But you don't want to see pictures of that! You want to see Lily ... so here she is!
Lily with her friend Winnie the Pooh

Her personality is starting to come through! She knows who is boss :).

Lily and Aunt Cami. Look closely ... Cami gave Lily horns ... how cute.

Aunt Ada and Lily in Lily's favorite sleep position ... in someone's arms!

Still has the blue eyes!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fun with Mary Kay

Tara & Cami on the Mary Kay limo ride they earned

Conner's graduation two weeks before Lily was born

Here are a few pictures of Johnny and Tara pre-baby.
We went to Boston at the end of March for Tara to present at a research conference.

Johnny at Walden's Pond with Thoreau's statue and cabin. This area is absolutely gorgeous!
It was one of our favorite sites.

Tara at the North Bridge
Tara at the Boston Temple.

Johnny at the Boston Temple

One Month Pictures

Lily is now 7 weeks old and she is already getting so big!
Compare this to her newborn picture with the bear!

Lily Ada with Aunt Ada at the airport

Ada, Conner, and Lily at Coldstone