Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lily the Photographer

Lily is obsessed with cameras and they have to be REAL cameras. She wants to see the pictures on the screen after she is done taking it. The Disney princess camera was fun for our vacation, but now it is back to the real deal for her. Once we explained to her how to keep her finger away from the lense, she has actually done pretty good. Poor Cort is typically her subject. Here are a few she has taken lately.

One of the happier pictures of Cort before he gets tired of the flash.

Cort the crib monster. Lily is Cort's interpreter. She often comes and gets me when he is done with his nap. She says, "Cort told me he wants to get up." Why of course he did. Before or after you poked him?

Self toe portrait. Makes it easy to figure out it wasn't Johnny taking the pictures.

Father's Day Date

I decided that Johnny and I needed to try something new for our date nights ... and maybe even actually take a date night. Typically we get stuck in the dinner and a movie rut. Father's Day provided the perfect opportunity to surprise him. I arranged for a babysitter from 3:30-8:30 pm (a big things for me. I hate leaving my little people more than a few hours).

Clas Ropes Course in Provo had a Father's Day special complete with four hours on the course, a BBQ with smores, and an optional canoe ride down the Provo River. I sprung for it all. Keep in mind - I had just run my first 5K earlier that day. I must have been feeling adventurous!

We arrived just a teensy bit late and they put us in a group with another couple and a Dad with his two preteen kids. The first few activities were typical leadership/bonding/problem solving activities. You know, the one where you both have a rope tied around your wrists and you have to figure out how to get untangled from each other without taking them off? I swear I have done it a dozen times at Girls Camp, but we still couldn't figure it out. No worries, it was much more fun doing it with my husband!

For the next activity, we had to swing from one platform to the next. All of us. Without touching the ground. But first we had to figure out how to get the rope over to us. Johnny saved the day by sacrificing his shoes and using the laces/shoes to lasso the rope over to us. This is where the real fun began. I danced A LOT growing up, but typical sports were not my thing. I am missing whatever type of coordination I needed to be successful. Like the coordination needed to swing across an open space holding onto a rope.

I figured that I was an adult now, how hard could it be? So I grasped the rope, took a running leap, and landed right on my thigh not too far from the first platform. For my second attempt, I stood on Johnny's back (lucky man), and got a higher grip before I leapt across. I almost made it. In fact, the other guy in our group tried to pull me in, but I ended up pulling HIM in instead. Oops. Sorry random man. Our boy scoutish leader took pity on me and allowed me to stay on the platform. Whew!

Next, we had to figure out how to get our team members across a series of boards and stumps without touching the ground. It involved moving the boards around and was quite tricky!

My hubby is on the far right helping the little boy to safety.

And then came our favorite part! The part I was worried we would never get to because it took us so long to finish the bonding activities.

First we took a ride on this giant swing. You held on to a rope and your team mates hoisted you to the top. The hardest part was holding on until the very top. It was such a rush when you let go.

Next we went rock climbing. I am still attempting to figure out how people balance their feet on the itty bitty rocks.

And here we are are sitting and waiting for our turn to go down the zip line. Lucky for us, you get to climb to the top of the zip line pole. I saw lots of kiddos doing it and even a cute Grandma named Earlene doing it. It took Earlene awhile to get up there, but I figured if she could do it, so could I. So I scaled a wooden pole balancing my self on these much too small metal staples. But it was worth it because the zipline was lots of fun!

To conclude the evening, we canoed down the Provo River to Utah Lake. BEAUTIFUL! It was so relaxing and our arms definitely got a work out!

My honey on the dock.

All in all - a fantastic evening. What did I learn?
1. My kiddos will survive for an evening without me.
2. It's good to try new things and step out of your comfort zone.
3. Anything is fun with my Johnny.
4. My body can do hard things.
5. It's worth it to plan date nights!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lily's Birthday

Lily is three! She has been awaiting her birthday for a very, very long time. Every day she would ask me, "Is today my birthday? Will I blow out my birthday candles? Will I open my pink present and get a puppy inside?" (that's a no on the last one!).

So she was very happy when her big day finally arrived. Lucky for Lily, the celebrating actually began a little early this year. Saturday night we went to the Mayan to see my Dad. The kids love going because he always takes them to see the divers and other fun things. At the end of the meal, my dad brought out a piece of chocolate cake with a huge sparkler - Lily was thrilled! She said, "Papa Scotty just knew it was my birthday this week. I get to blow out my candle!"

The day of her birthday, she didn't wake up very happy so Cort and I went in her room singing Happy Birthday. She perked up pretty fast! I made her Mickey Mouse pancakes which she ate while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We spent the day doing all her favorite things - bubbles, playing in the water, reading books and all that fun stuff. She loved getting phone calls from Aunt Ada, Mom Mom, Papa Scotty, and most especially - her cousin Kyrie.

Lily LOVED talking to Kyrie. I think most of the conversation consisted of both of the little girls trying to get the other to come over to their house. They can't wait to see each other!

When Johnny got home from work we were off to Pirate Island - Lily's favorite restaurant.

The pirate behind us is much to exciting to look at I guess!

More ice cream and candles to blow out.

Isn't it fun to have two kids that want to do things all by themselves? Cort is Lily's little shadow.

He thought ski-ball was pretty exciting.