Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lazy Days in December

In December I had lots of days at home with the kiddos. Cort made an important discovery - his toes! Hours of fun have come from that discovery.

When he is not playing with his toys, Lily makes sure that he has other things to occupy his attention - even when he is sleeping. What a kind sister.

Lily loved "dockerating the tree" and Cort loved undecorating it. He mastered some scooting and rolls this month in order to make it over to this vantage point under the tree. He even managed to get a few balls off.

These two are playing better and better together every day.

Little Gym Show Week

Lily does a semester at Little Gym every year. It is perfect for her to run, jump, and climb of lots of her energy! She enjoys it and has learned many new things. This semester she was in the Big Beasts class with Ms. Cheryl.

Parachute time was a definite favorite. She was typically the first one underneath it every time.

She also loved exploring anything that helped her to jump!

And she loved making lots of new friends!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I could spend all day .....

Taking picture of these two. I'll let you in on a secret .... most days I do :). Time is going by much too fast this second time around so I am trying to enjoy Cort's sweet babyness while it lasts. And Lily's cute toddler phase as well!

This little man smiles almost all day long. He is such a happy little guy. So sweet and full of love! He is also getting much more playful. He loves rolling around with stuffed animals and trying to grab at his toys. He is also rolling over occasionally now.

He rolled over and was happy to find some friends :)

Poor Cort. So loved!

Love this cheesey little girl!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and Sunday Best!

For Halloween we went Trick or Treating with the cousins up at my mom's house. Cortland even came along for the ride in the Baby Bjorn. He was awake for the first few houses and then slept the rest of the way.
Lily the Skunk loved Trick or Treating with Kyrie and Ally!

Johnny dressed up as a mobster. Some of the elderly ladies in the neighborhood thought he looked quite dapper :).

Last week we finally all made it back to church! We've all gotten at least one of our flu vaccinations and no ones been sick for about a month. Here's my cuties in their Sunday best :)

Lily's first professional hair cut

I've been cutting Lily's hair myself. Mainly trimming bangs and evening things up (like cutting her mullet back in Christmas '07). I finally decided it was time for a change and took her to Cookie Cutters. She loved that they had a playground INSIDE! As you can see from the picture, my little orphan definitely needed it!

Memo to self: Make sure she is in one with a seatbelt next time. She was jumping up and down a little too much - poor hair dresser!
Finished product! Although, her bangs are a little shorter so that they aren't in her eyes :). I love how it turned out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The many faces of Cort

An early morning photo shoot with my happy little man. At 6:00 am, he is wide awake and ready to talk, giggle, and move. His cute little hands are all over the place.

Perhaps a little too early :)

It's hard being so cute.

Witches and Skunks!

I've been terrible at updating lately! I have been posting some of the activities I have been doing with Lily on my other blog, Savvy Divas and Dudes. She is such a smart little cookie that I try to do a learning activity with her every day. It's fun for me and her :)

We made it to Gardner Village for our third annual Witches Visit :). Love looking at the shops with my family.
Lily just loved being with her cousins Kyrie and Ally. They LOVE each other. "I wuv Kyrie-Ally" is a common phrase at our house.

Cortland and I also made it to Park City for the Swensen/Trost Girl's Getaway. This is the only picture I got sadly! Cortland and Ada snuggling on the MOST COMFORTABLE BED EVER! Loved it. Lots of fun shopping, girl time, and good food.

Last not not least, Lily and I went with Mom Mom to the zoo for her company party. Lily got to dress up in her skunk costume and ride the carousel. She was fascinated the entire ride.

She also loved riding the train with Mom Mom :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out numbered ....

Trying to get five children under the age of 3 to pose together without injuring each other .... priceless!

Ally, Kyrie, Lily, Cortland, and Titan

Aunt Ada painted Lily's toe nails for her. She loved it!