Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Only in Utah

This was yesterday morning ...

... and this was yesterday evening.

From snow pants and hats to sun dresses and picnic blankets. My babies loved them both.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Fun Is!

This picture describes our Saturday PERFECTLY! After the week we had (I rear ended another car last Friday ... no injuries no damage to the other car totaled our car because it's old and it dented the frame), we were ready for some FUN. We headed up to Lagoon in our new to us Swagger Wagon (can I say how much I love the storage?). So glad we found a car before the weekend. We're a one car family so we definitely need something fast!

Anyways, back to the picture. I remember some fun Lagoon day trips. The senior year trip, many clogging competitions, the Scrollie day, etc., and, don't get me wrong - those were fabulous, but this day took the cake. And we didn't even make it to any of the new, big rides. We spent about six hours in kiddie land and loved every second of it. My girl Lily LOVES LOVES LOVES rides.

She's our little thrill seeker. This ride (above) is a smaller version of the one that shoots you straight up and then drops you. Lily saw the larger one and wanted to go on it. Johny said told her that she was too little, but she had no fear. She responded, "I WANT FEAR! I NEED FEAR!" I think she thought that was the name of the ride or a requirement to go on the ride.

Lily's day to drive a car finally came. The ride attendant had a fine time trying to get her out of it. She told him that it wasn't her stop. She is going to be tearing up the Autopia track at Disneyland soon.

Rides where she was in control were definitely her favorite. Her eyes lit up when she discovered that she controlled the going up and down. Bytheway - when did she get big enough to go on a ride by herself?

This little man had some fun, too. He made it on the ferris wheel (or Pharisee wheel as Lily calls it), the animal train, the carousel, and a lovely squirting water ride that his not so smart mommy put him on.

Doesn't he look ADORABLE? This is the one that I didn't notice you got wet on until it was too late and I had to steer our fish through crazy squirting sea animals. But he did look pretty adorable in his little seat belt and he liked it.

A ride where you get to drive a boat and ring a bell - now that is exciting!

The little boy behind me was crying and didn't like the ride. Notice how he is at least five years older than Lily. Lily was shouting "HIGHER! FASTER!"

One content little girl. Definitely the best Lagoon trip yet. It was too much fun to see her so happy. I couldn't stop grinning all day.