Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time for Solids

The doctor gave Lily the a-ok to start solids! She is now 25 inches and almost 13 pounds. We were going to wait awhile, but she has been staring us down during meal times, licking her lips like crazy, and grabbing at whatever pieces of food she can get! Here is a video of Lily's first solid - rice cereal. I tasted it myself and I can tell why she is not so enthusiastic. I think next time we'll try the banana rice cereal intstead!

Lily's also on the right track with all of her other milestones and actually a little ahead! She can sit up with just a little help, steps forward and supports her weight when you hold onto her fingers and stand her up, roll over front to back and back to front again, and she's just starting to army crawl. Before she was just aimlessly scootching, but now she is a baby with a mission when she see's her favorite toys! She also has abs of steel. In her swing she uses the lap bar to pull herself up from laying down at an angle to sitting up. She does about 5 crunches a sitting!

Lily is also loving her exersaucer. She has a blast pushing all of the buttons and levers. At first the sounds surprised her, but now she laughs every time she does it. She is also learning about eyes, mouths, noses, and ears. She likes to find them on her daddy's face.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Lily's so glad when Daddy comes home! Lily loves her Daddy. When he gets home from work she is all smiles.

Lily seems to be a little undecided about the giant flower on her head, but she's a hit with all the little boys in church!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

General Conference

Lily getting ready for her first General Conference.

Monday, October 1, 2007

September continued ....

Lily is working on sitting up on her own! I wish I had her abs!


What a busy month! Stay in touch for more great pictures! Johnny and Tara have been busy with school and work. Tara is teaching Marriage Preparation at BYU and loving it.
Lily is a happy almost four month old. Her new talents include: rolling back and forth from her tummy to her back, grabbing and holding onto her toys, scooting from one end of blanket to the other, lifting her head up, and babbling to everyone she meets. She is one cute kid!

Lily loves to give Pluto kisses. She uses her legs to get him closer to her face.

Hooray for Bumbo chairs! Lily is thrilled to have a new view of life.

Girl's Night Out with the Trost's. Lily is not impressed by the Italian food.

Meeting her Parker cousin's from Indiana for the first time.

Lily loves her new burriot blanket so much that she doesn't mind having a gigantic flower on her head.