Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lily and Baby Update

Grandpa Scotty gave Lily sidewalk chalk for her birthday. Lily and Daddy created this cute masterpiece for me today. So sweet!

In other news, we had Lily's 2 year old appointment and my 35 week
doctor's appointment today. Lily is doing great and is a tall little girl! She is in the 87th percentile for height and 42nd percentile for weight. She must have inherited her Daddy's height!

We had an ultrasound at my appointment and got to see our little guy. You could already
see his hair! That was our favorite part. He is weighing in at about 5 lbs right now so they are estimating that he will be about 7 lbs when he is born. Sounds good to me! I've been having some Braxton Hicks so the doctor checked and I am dilated to 3 cm. I was dilated with Lily for awhile so I think we still have plenty of time left.

I am holding out anyway because I still have one more maternity massage left on July 13th. It is an hour and a half massage and I am not missing out on that!

Everything else looked good on the ultrasound. My blood pressure is starting to climb a little bit so we are hoping that it stays down in these last five weeks. We are getting excited for this little boy!

Lunch dates and Babies :)

Tara Bonnie Jen Aubrey
Baby Boy Ella Sophie Kennady

I am very lucky to have life long friends from Ricks College! I worked/played/lived with these lovely ladies on the Scroll ten years ago .... can't believe it has been that long! This week we had a lunch date and I got to meet their darling little girls - all three under three months old. I am so ready to hold my own newborn now. It was fabulous to catch up and share in this fun time! Lily loved playing in the back yard with Bonnie's dog Jovi and Jen's older kids - Ally and Jonah. I wish I had got some pictures. After lunch we went to a Splash Park that was a lot of fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What We've Been Up To :)

Getting ready for baby! That about sums it up. I've finally hit that nesting phase and, now that I know how hectic it can be after the baby arrives, I am getting as much done as possible before he arrives. Luckily, I have two fantastic helpers. Lily has become quite the good cleaner as you can see in the picture above. She actually vacuumed most of her own room pretty well. I was impressed. Now that bending over is not the most comfortable thing for me to do, it is great that Lily thinks helping me switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer is fun, too! We can only hope that she thinks cleaning is just as fun when she gets older!

In baby news, it is fun to say that he will be here next month! (unless he is late and is a August baby ... ). Poor little guy does not have a name yet. We are anticipating another active and feisty little soul like Lily - this boy is quite the kicker! So far the names on our list are: Cortland, Kyler, Lincoln, Cohen, Tate, and Trace or Trey. Any favorites or others that anyone likes? We are open to suggestions!