Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 months old!

Time goes too quickly between this .....

and this!

As of January 21st, Cortland is six months old. Here are his official stats:

Weight: 16.25 lbs (22.83 percentile)
Height: 26.25 inches (38.21 percentile)
Head: 17 inches (29.73 percentile)

People have commented on how big he is getting! We think it is because he went from the 78th percentile in height to the 38th percentile, but still gained three pounds in the process. He is working on those cute little rolls.

He is still my sweet little binkie baby. Loves to be swaddled with the binkie in his mouth.

Seriously! These two are getting too big!

At six months, here are some of his favorite things and his milestones:
  • He can hold his bottle up on his own now - Daddy loves this.
  • Finally outgrew all of his 0-3 month clothes.
  • Great at rolling from his back to his tummy, but isn't a big fan of rolling the other way yet.
  • Enjoys tummy time more and holds himself up on his hands.
  • Not much crawling going on, but lots of scootching. He lays on his back, arches as high as he can, and then pushes off with his feet. He can get pretty far this way.
  • Very vocal. He has lots to say. Favorite word is "unga." Dad says he is a BYU fan.
  • LOVES bath time. Splashes like a little fish.
  • Plays pretty well with his sister. Lily makes him laugh the hardest. These two will be good buds!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personal Assistant

Cort is lucky enough to have his own personal assistant. I should say lucky, or cursed, depending on the day. Today it was sunglasses. Last week he was Cinderella. A lady from our ward regularly comments what a beautiful little girl he is. Maybe that is why he requested the glasses.

Monday, January 18, 2010


When I was single, or even when I was a newlywed, being sick was a hassle and never really a lot of fun. After surviving two weeks (and counting) of bronchitis with a 2.5 year old and .5 year old, those days are looking a bit rose colored right now! This week I am grateful for kids who are getting better and for feeling a little bit better myself! Here are some of the highlights from the week

1. The Snarfer

In our home we do not use technical words like nasal aspirator. In fact, it took me several minutes to think the real name so that I could find an actual picture of it. Instead, we call it the Snarfer. Lily even asks to be "snarfed." Truth be told, I was terrified of doing it (right up there with clipping babies itty bitty nails) and always made Johnny do it. This round of illness has helped me to conquer that fear and now I am a pro-Snarfer. Definitely a resume builder right?

2. Sleep

Before I discuss our sleep habits, I would like to point out that my two handsome boys are wrapped up tight in Disney princess and frog princess blankets. Desperate times, desperate measures.
I think sleep is what I miss most about being sick on my own. During my pre-kiddo years, I could cuddle up on the couch with a book and hot chocolate or catch up on my favorite shows. This time around, it was the Disney channel for many, many, many hours. You do not change a channel on a sick 2.5 year old.
Even when the little ones did fall asleep, my mommy senses would prickle and I would jump at the slightest cough.

3. Best part of being sick is pajamas all day long - woohoo! And no one cares about bed head. Even if I didn't get to snuggle up with my favorite books and shows, I must admit that nothing is better than snuggling up with these two. Wouldn't trade them for the world.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

I'm running behind a bit on blog posts. Just got Christmas up! On to Anniversary and New Year's Resolutions. I came down with a cold right before New Years. Luckily I was well enough for a weekend with family and friends to start the New Year. The following Monday, Lily and I were hit with bronchitis (we think) and now Cort and Johnny have it, too. So we've moved into survival mode and haven't quite gotten the start on New Year's goals, but it has given me more time to think about them!

1. Spend more time with this guy! We celebrated our 4th anniversary December 27th. Can't believe it has gone by so fast! We ate dinner at the Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Pointe. The filet mignon was so yummy! Our goal is to have one temple date a month and one fun date a month.

2. The classic New Years resolution: Lose weight. Loving my new glasses, but not so much loving my double chin. We are fully stocked with P90, Wii Fit, Wii Active, Biggest Loser, Weight Watchers .... it's going to happen this year ... as soon as we get over our colds! At least we are starting the year off eating healthy.

3. Enjoy the fun moments a little more! I love being a mom and know what a blessing it is. So this year I want to be a better mom. A happier mom who is a better teacher and a better playmate! I

4. Focus on the Savior more. Have more quiet moments where I can be still. Cort played the Baby Jesus in the nativity this year. His cousins - ages 2 through 10 - sat so reverently around him. They were so still and quiet.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


My favorite Christmas present - sleeping babies!

I've spent every Christmas that I can remember upstairs at my Grandma and Grandpa Kimball's with all my brothers and sisters. It's fun now to continue the tradition with our little ones. This year was the first year we've had five under the age of 3. Too much fun!

Cortland (five months) and Titan (1) checking out the music table. These two will be giving us a run for our money next year I bet!

Lily playing with one of her own toys!

Johnny and Cort with Christmas morning snuggles.

Ally liked Titan's toys, too. Titan is showing her how to bounce correctly.

Lily with Ally's baby dolls. She has told me a few times, "I want to go to Mom Mom's so that Santa can bring me Ally's dollies again."

This is one of my favorites! Lily is wearing Kyrie's dress and playing with Ally's baby set. Titan is playing with Cort's music table. And Kyrie is playing with Lily's Little People House. I think Ally was just out of the shot sitting on Titan's rocking horse. So many toddler toys, so little time.

Ally so graciously sharing.

Papa Scotty and Cort taking a Christmas morning snooze.

Cami had a set of zebra print pajamas from a few years back. Ada tracked down matching sets for the rest of us. We did a special dance/musical present for Cami in our matching zebra jammies. Broc said that he doesn't need any more presents for the rest of his life.

King Cort

Ally had Oreo's as a pre-breakfast snack. I think she wants some more!