Saturday, January 9, 2010


My favorite Christmas present - sleeping babies!

I've spent every Christmas that I can remember upstairs at my Grandma and Grandpa Kimball's with all my brothers and sisters. It's fun now to continue the tradition with our little ones. This year was the first year we've had five under the age of 3. Too much fun!

Cortland (five months) and Titan (1) checking out the music table. These two will be giving us a run for our money next year I bet!

Lily playing with one of her own toys!

Johnny and Cort with Christmas morning snuggles.

Ally liked Titan's toys, too. Titan is showing her how to bounce correctly.

Lily with Ally's baby dolls. She has told me a few times, "I want to go to Mom Mom's so that Santa can bring me Ally's dollies again."

This is one of my favorites! Lily is wearing Kyrie's dress and playing with Ally's baby set. Titan is playing with Cort's music table. And Kyrie is playing with Lily's Little People House. I think Ally was just out of the shot sitting on Titan's rocking horse. So many toddler toys, so little time.

Ally so graciously sharing.

Papa Scotty and Cort taking a Christmas morning snooze.

Cami had a set of zebra print pajamas from a few years back. Ada tracked down matching sets for the rest of us. We did a special dance/musical present for Cami in our matching zebra jammies. Broc said that he doesn't need any more presents for the rest of his life.

King Cort

Ally had Oreo's as a pre-breakfast snack. I think she wants some more!


Aileen and Aaron Trost said...

I love the pictures. Especially the sweet one of Ally with chocolate on her face! Tee hee.. such a silly girl.

Julie Carlile said...

I hope the musical/dance presentation was you clogging again :)

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

That last picture is hilarious!!
LOVE the PJ picture. ha ha! you are so funny!!!

Kellie said...

Tara! This are beautiful pictures of your kiddos. I didn't even know what Cortland looked like--what a cutie-pie he is! He's growing up so fast. Your kids looks so much like you (sorry Johnny!). Miss you guys. Happy New year!