Saturday, September 20, 2008

Farewell Camera and Conner!

Sad day ... our camera is now water logged ... or should I say milk logged from a sippy cup mishap. So while we save for a new camera ... pictures may be delayed as we mooch off of family members cameras :). These are the last of the pictures before the milk incident.

I had a fabulous 27th birthday. My birthday started with a long, overdue bubble bath - so relaxing! Johnny took Lily and I out to lunch at Kneaders - love their carrot cake. Later in the evening I went to Sandy to go through the temple with my little brother Conner who is going on a mission. It is coming up too fast! It was great to be in the temple with my family on my birthday.

All the siblings, but Ada. Cami only has a month or so until Baby Croc is going to make his arrival. The first male grandchild - we cannot wait! Cami is the one holding the zebra temple bag. My mom asked her if it was an appropriate print for the temple. Cami replied, "God loves zebras, too, doesn't He?"
A nice man took this group shot for us.

Missionary and his mom. We are going to miss Conner. He is our comic relief. A quick story about Conner. I told Marriage Prep at BYU a few semester ago. Although he is a preemie, he decided to take my class anyway and I am glad he did. He was a good sounding board for how the class was going. Every day after class we went to the food court in the Wilkinson Center to get breakfast. It was nice for me to have a quiet breakfast - I had a 3 month old waiting for me at home :). Anyways - we did not initially tell the class that we were siblings. We figured that they would figure it out for themselves - some people even think we are twins. This line of thinking seemed to be going well for us until one day a third of my class saw us having breakfast together and gave us funny looks. There were even certain class members that we would see every once and awhile in the Wilk after class. I started to see it in their faces, "Why does Sister Parker spend so much time with Conner?" We finally announced our sibling relationship to the class to avoid speculation on why the married with a baby marriage prep teacher was spending so much time with one of her students!

Long story short - those breakfasts were a fun way to get to know Conner even better and take a break with my fun sibling!

After the temple, we went to our favorite family restaurant - the Mayan! We picked up Ada and Lily Bean and had a fun evening out. In this picture Lily is trying to get Conner to take her to see the divers. We also discovered that Lily loves salsa! Must take after her dad!

In other news :

Lily had her 15 month doctor's appointment earlier this week. Here are her current stats:

Height: 31 inches 69.15 percentile
Weight: 19.38 lbs 5.89 percentile

I was thrilled that she did not fall off of the charts! She is our tall and skinny string bean! Apparently her head percentile jumped so now she has a rather large head for her body size. It's to store all those brains - this little girl is too smart!


Deanna said...

I didn't know you taught Marriage Prep at BYU, how fun! Did you get your masters in MFHD?

Kos said...

oooo! Maybe since Lily loves salsa so much, she'll also love to dance the salsa. Maybe go to the MAC? THat's a weird thought. I can't imagine her older than a little girl.

So sad to leave brothers leave on missions, but so exciting too. Beth, Keenan's sister, is waiting for her call and we're all so excited for her.

Kos said...

Ok I'm so excited to see you at the wedding festivities! I hope everyone can come.