Sunday, March 22, 2009

Half Baked!

I am just past the half way mark with this pregnancy and suddenly it seems to be going way to fast! Here is my baby bump at 20 weeks.

Luckily I have a small increase in energy now which is good because there is a lot to get done before Baby Boy Parker arrives - for example - picking out his name! Any good ideas? Nothing is standing out to me so far, but we do have a couple names on our list - Cortland, Kyler, Broden (Brody), Grayson, Lincoln, and Aiden.

I've returned to my old Ebay surfing habits to find some outfits for the little guy (so sad to pack up all of Lily's ward robe. I didn't realize how big it was!). I am happy to say that there are DARLING clothes for little boys out there - just don't outbid me for them!

I'm also starting to stock our freezer with freezer meals for after he comes and that last month for when I probably won't feel like cooking. Any favorite freezer recipes that have worked out for anyone?

And one of my major goals is to get Lily and myself on a better routine together. I've been looking at different toddler activity blogs and found lots of good ideas. I like what I have found on and the ideas from Tot School. And we will definitely be starting the flashcards from You Can Teach Your Baby to Read (as soon as I get my stock pile up). Anyone had fun or success with these? Lily LOVES learning new things and I know would enjoy these things.


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

"half backed"?!!! ha ha! you are so funny!!!!
You look great!!!
I really like the name Grayson! way cute!!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...
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CJ Sime said...

The best thing in our routine is story time at the library.