Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Lily did not like posing this picture. The sounds coming from the elephant terrified her!

Checking out the ground hogs.

Any place with water is sure to be a hit with Lily.

Hogle Zoo or the rain forest? Johnny and I took Lily to the zoo Wednesday. Now that Johnny is graduated (or will be tomorrow!), it will be nice to have more time for family outings! Lily loved the animals and we heard her say, "Get it! Get it!" more than a few times.

Lily was so excited when she saw the carousel. She and Johnny picked out this animal (cross between a zebra/giraffe/horse?) to ride on.


Blake and Laura said...

That weird animal is an Okapi. They're so interesting looking, aren't they? Looks like you had fun! We love the zoo!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

What a cool zoo!! I can't wait to take my kids to that its getting warmer.

Tracey said...

Great pictures! Your little girl is precious - think you did a great job on her hair!