Friday, February 5, 2010

The dentist, the double chin, and the sleeping beauties

Lily survived her first trip to the dentist. She actually really liked it, to say the least. What's not to like: a chair ride where they let you go up and down as much as you like, getting to try out the little scrubber tools on your fingers, and winning a balloon. She did fabulous and, best of all, no cavities! The dentist did not give her the sucker. She got that at the bank in Smith's. Apparently, she ran into a pillar because she was looking back at her balloon which "was chasing her." So the friendly cashier gave her a sucker. Later that day, Lily told me that she wanted to go back for another balloon.

This picture is proof I feed my children. See that double chin! Cort likes his new found mobility in the walker. Lily brings him an assortment of toys to try out.

And again, my favorite part of the day. The rare moment when they fall asleep at the exact same time. And I didn't even have to do anything. Now that is magic.


Amy and Clark said...

That last picture looks like such a peaceful moment! I hope you enjoyed it!

Julie Carlile said...

I love the chunks on babies! You just want to nibble on them.

Aubrey said...

I really can't believe how big both your kids are! I definitely see a lot of you in Cort. What a cutie pie.

Hilary said...

Sooooooooo CUTE!