Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Parker Toddlers!

It is so strange to me to think that I have two toddlers now! Cort started taking his first steps about a week before his birthday. He looks so tiny next to Lily, but he is catching up fast. Lily turned 3 on June 16th and Cortland turned 1 on July 21st we did two combined birthday parties - one with the Trosts and one with the Parkers. Both were so much fun and we are thankful to have so many family members nearby to celebrate.

For the Parker side, we went to Scera Pool and had a BBQ at the house. The cousins have been wanting to go to the pool for awhile so we thought it would be a good fit!

Lily with Kennedy and Macie. You can tell she'd rather be in the water! We are so glad that Macie has moved to Utah from Madagascar so that Lily has a girl cousin her age to play with. Kennedy is always so sweet with her younger cousins, too!

We had Lily's first birthday party at the Scera Pool, too.
Here is what she looked like two years ago!

So tiny! I think she looks a lot like Cort.

Our camera was being weird so we weren't able to get many more pictures of the Parker Party. But here is one of Cort getting ready for his cupcake!

Tired boy after all the party fun.

Get ready for the next post and the Trostie party! For a preview, you can check out my sister's blog post about it


Brett and Emily said...

Happy Birthday to your cute kids! They are darling!

Aubrey said...

Lily is so cute! She really seems to love the water. We should join you at the pool one day. I can't believe you have two toddlers! Time flies.

Julie Carlile said...

Wow she has grown so much! She is adorable.