Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beach Baby!

This week we are at a beach house in Oregon with Johnny's family. Lily is a beach baby! The first day we arrived we took her right down to the beach. Even though the wind was blowing like crazy, Lily laughed and loved the sand! The beach is the perfect. Because of the wind, it is very clean. So when the wind stops the sand is just right.

Lily's first steps in the sand. Later in the day, we took let her splash her feet in the ocean. We have to watch her carefully because she likes to make a run for it. She loves the water even though it is FREEZING!

Nana Shana and Aunt Nicole. Isn't the view beautiful? Johnny and I took a walk over to the point. The rocks there are full of star fish.

Our sister in law brought back sun hats from Madagascar for the girls to wear on the beach.

Lily seemed more interested in Hadley's ball than taking a picture or wearing a cute hat.

Johnny and Lily on the stairs down to the beach house.

Lily and I happy to finally be on the beach.


Blake and Laura said...

You have a way cute beach baby! What part of Oregon did you go to?

Kos said...

She's a true Parker!

Tara said...

We are at Lincoln City. We love it!