Sunday, July 13, 2008

In Search of a Baby Hiking Carrier

As we have posted, Johnny and I are taking lovely walks every Tuesday. We have decided to advance to hikes. However, our handy stroller will not be so handy heading up the mountain. We have a Baby Bjorn, but think that one of those baby hiking carriers that you put on your back would be better. Any suggestions of the best brands and best prices?

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Jendy said...

I recommend shopping on ebay!!! You can get something practically new (-b/c kids grow out of them so quickly) and for half the original cost. I got one here in Germany (Deuter Kid Comfort II) and we LOVE it - SO much more comfortable and practical. When I was shopping ebay, I found that there were a lot of no-name brands mixed in with pricey brand names - I tried to find reviews on line for the ones I was interested in, and it seems that it really does pay to go for the higher quality carriers. Good luck, and have fun!!! :)