Friday, December 12, 2008


Our December has been pretty quiet so far. I tried not to plan too much since I knew Johnny would be busy with finals. We are looking forward to all the parties in a few weeks! Lily and I spend lots of days chilling with our favorite treat - Jamba Juice :). Did you know that you can get a Jamba Juice with a sleep vitamin? Apparently that is what Johnny got for Lily :).


Aileen and Aaron Trost said...

Too cute!

Vickie Blanchard said...

Hilarious! And she is getting so big!

Andrea Grover said...

Is she seriously asleep? Sitting up? On the couch? With a straw in her mouth?

By the way, I tagged you. Check out our blog to see what to do. :-)

Kellie said...

That is hilarious! I was really thinking there was a sleeping vitamin :) She's getting so big, we miss her!

I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about the pictures. Ben and I are going through the files and will get them to you by the weekend. Is is too late??? Yikes--where does time go?

Andrea + Peter said...

Hey Tara!!!
I am sooooo happy you have a blog!! now I can keep in touch with you better and see what is going on.
I tried emailing you the school info, but the address you gave me didn't work, so I tried something that I thought it would be. ha ha!
Let me know if you got it or not.

I will have to come back and look at your blog longer when I have time.

Good to hear from you!!

Bonnie said...

Oh man... I need to get me one of those pills! She is really getting so big - all grown up! Well, call me when you can so we can make a swap!