Saturday, December 6, 2008

November Happenings

We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Johnny's and brother in law Broc's birthdays. Their birthdays were actually in October, but, due to the birth of Baby Titan, their birthday dinner was slightly delayed.

Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures from Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Johnny's brother's home. Afterward, we returned to my family's home for pie. Kyrie and Lily had fun playing together while we planned our Black Friday shopping. (which was very successful. Only took me four hours to get my precious GPS system).

Lily's first advent calendar. My dad bought the grand kiddies advent calendars. Lily loves hers. Whenever she sees it she shouts, "Num Nummy!"

We also had fun at Festival of Trees. We were able to see Ada dance and we had a great time looking at the trees. Lily, suprisingly, loved it and was a good girl in her stroller the entire time. She enjoyed waving to the other children. I think she thought people were there to see her and not the trees.


atoastokos said...

So sweet! Lily is getting so big!

Glad you got your GPS system. How horrible that it took 4 hours.

Broc & Cambria said...

What??? Titan didn't get an advent calendar...what is this??? LOL