Saturday, November 22, 2008

Austin and Aften's Wedding Reception

Cousins and friends :)

Congrats to Austin and Aften! They were married in the Manti Temple. It was fun to meet up with family and celebrate at their reception. I couldn't help but think of when I babysat Austin when he was six and he would write and illustrate stories about ants for me to read. Going to his reception made me feel just a little bit older :).

Their first dance. I loved the back of her dress!

Grandma and Grandpa Kimball. Grandpa Kimball had his camera out most of the night so I thought that it was only fair that I got a picture of him, too. I love this photo of the two of them - don't they look great?

I tried to get a posed shot of the two girls, but they were too busy playing :). They loved the leaves.

Four generations! I have to apologize to my mom for posting the one where she is turned sideways. In the other two Lily was coughing out mints and it was a little gross :).


Melissa said...

I love four generation pictures! So I was just looking at who's blogs you have linked to and saw we have a common friend NOT from BYU-Idaho. Deanna and Charles! Scott and I met them when we were living in Savannah. What a small world!

Shane, Collette & Mason said...

I just ran across your Blog. I love that you have pics of Grandpa & Grandma Kimball on here. Also really liked your 4 generations pic. I hope all is going well!