Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Hallow-Bean!

Our little Lily-Bean made Halloween much more fun for us this year. She loved her "guck" (duck/baby chick) costume and wore it happily most of the week. With the fabulous weather we have been having - it was perfect! Here are a few pictures of our Halloween festivities this month.

Lily taking the first swing at the Pinata at the Parker Halloween Party.

Lily and Kyrie were great Trick or Treat partners. Lily was good at knocking on the doors and Kyrie was good at saying Trick or Treat.

Lily and Kyrie are also becoming great sharers. This is Lily relaxing on Cami's couch while Kyrie feeds her skittlers. What a hard life!

Lily at the Little Gym Halloween Party

Gardner Village is a new family tradition. It is our second year going with my family and we love it. Very festive, fun, and inexpensive!

Lily found a witch that was just her size.

Lily and her new friend the kitty in the Christmas store.

Lily is so lady like.

Happy Halloween!


Aileen & Aaron Trost said...

Cute pictures! Lily is a doll!

Jared and Laura said...

Hey there cousin! So as previously decided at the rainy campout session on Labor Day turned hang out at Aaron and Aileens place for the evening, we are going to donate money to charity as a Trost Family Christmas Tradition. So here's the specs: all married couples are included. This is what we are doing instead of giving gifts to each other for Christmas. We will be donating to either Primary Childrens or The Road Home. We are going to get a list from each charity of items needed and then distribute the list to your family. You can choose to either donate items from the list, or to just give cash, which will then be used to purchase items in bulk. We will let you know which charity and the items list by Saturday 11-8-08. Cash donations need to be turned in to Melanie by 11-19-08, or you can purchase your items and give them to Melanie by 12-10-08. We will then be going as a group to drop off the items at said charity. Please call me if you have questions. Plus I'm just the messenger. :) Thanks,

Laura 916-5987

Tanji, Jimmy and Baby Jay! said...

Hey! I just saw that you had a blog! I can't believe how culte Lily has gotten! They grow up soo fast! Hope things are going well!

Love Tanji

Brett and Emily said...

Lily looks adorable in her little costume...what a doll! Tara, you look great!