Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Austin and Aften's Wedding Shower

My cousin Austin is getting married next month to a cute girl named Aften. We've met her a few times at family parties and we think she's great! My sister in law Aileen and I threw a family wedding shower for them at my house. It was great to meet more of her family and get together with all of my family as well. Here are some pics from the fun night!

No family gathering is complete without some fun interaction between Kyrie and Lily. Although it looks like Lily is poking Kyrie in the face with a fork, the girls were actually taking turns feeding each other spaghetti noodles off of each other's forks. It looks like Kyrie put hers down to get a drink of milk and Lily wasn't quite done yet. Despite the face poking, we are glad that the girls are getting better at working and playing together.

This cute little boy is Alex, my cousin Jessica's son. Isn't he a happy little guy?
The toilet paper brides. Christy (second from the left) won the toilet paper wedding dress design challenge. Her group included my Aunt Tanya who is an amazing seamstress. Although, an honorable mention goes to Shelby's team (far right). The rest of her team consisted of all men, but we thought her flower was a nice feminine touch.

Two beautiful brides :)

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Andrea Grover said...

I can't believe how big Lily is getting! If I'm ever in Utah we'll have to let our babies play. :-)

I have the honor of bestowing a photo tag upon you. :-) Check out our blog to see what to do.