Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny!

We celebrated Johnny's 29th birthday last week! Somehow we managed to not get very many pictures of the birthday boy himself, but we do have some pretty cute ones of my little helper. Happy Birthday Johnny!
Lily enjoyed helping with the birthday cake so much that she only licked the icing twice. She is quite the expert with sprinkles.

And this picture is just because. Can't pass up chocolate and pig tails.


Kellie said...

So cute! Nothing like decorating a homemade birthday cake. They're the best! Impressive that Lily didn't binge on the frosting. She's better than me. Happy belated birthday to Johnny! Miss you guys:) Lots of love

Aileen & Aaron Trost said...

Happy Belated B'day to Johnny! The pictures of Lily are SO cute! She has such pretty brown eyes. The chocolate really makes the brown in her eyes pop!

Sarah said...

children + messy cake on faces = brillant!

Also, let's talk for a second about how "Life Skills" class has prepared me for exactly NONE of my actual life.

Koseli said...

A big, but late happy birthday to Johnny from the Cummings!