Monday, October 13, 2008

One of those days!

Last week was a busy, but incredible week! I saw a good friend from high school perform in Into the Woods - amazing. I hosted a baby shower and went to a bridal shower - good times! And my cousin in law/college room mate Shirsti got married on Saturday. I was able to be there for the sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. It was an ideal ending to my week. I will admit it - some days I am just tired. The dishes are piling up, my 16 month old is getting ready to leap off of the kitchen table, I can't exactly pinpoint where a funky smell is coming from .... you know how it goes. So on Saturday it was relaxing to be in the temple with a lot of people who I care about.

I enjoyed catching up with the Christensen family. We have all kinds of random connections besides now being family. Koseli's and Shirsti's aunt was a department secretary in the department I worked at at BYU-Idaho. It was great to see her again and talk to her about people we both know. It brought back a flood of memories from that fun time in my life. Some of my best friends come from my Ricks days.

One of Johnny's cousin's wife's sister (how is that for a mouthful?) was also my visiting teacher when I was first married. It was good to remember those days, too!

As I thought about all of these memories - it made me grateful for the different seasons in life. I can't say that I have a favorite. Every time has its own special significance and little excitements. This week brought back so much nostalgia from high school, college, newlywed days. It reminded me that the best isn't yet to come or in the past - it is here right now. So I am going to take care of those dishes, hug my little dare devil, and somehow find that funky smell .... and enjoy this season of life to the fullest.

Here is my little dare devil. We've been sick with colds this weekend. She woke up early today and then crashed mid play during Signing Time.

And here is my happy reminder that it is fall. Caramel apples anyone?


Deanna said...

What a good post Tara! I love the temple and was able to having an equally relaxing Saturday there. Congrats to Shirsti! I saw her and Christian at Kyle's reception back in April. To see old friends is a testimony that the Lord loves us.

Kellie said...

Tara that was a very insightful post. I can totally relate. I have to say how envious I was that you got to be in the temple AND with family! That's so great! Lily is just a doll with the whole phone thing. Love it!

Kos said...

Love you, Tara!