Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cousin Adventures, Activities and Valentines Day

I haven't posted many real updates since the New Year. It seems we just get busier every day. But as you can see from the above pictures, we've managed to find some time to relax and have fun, too. Here are some of Lily's updates from the last few months.
1. We're starting the big girl process ... step #1 = sleeping in her big girl bed. We found a cute Tinkerbell toddler bed at Toys R Us on sale. Hopefully it will tempt her, right? If I weighed less than 50 lbs I would definitely want to sleep in it. Step #2 will be potty training wish us luck. She already loves to sit on it, we juts need to start!

2. Lily has started talking in short sentences. I need to post some of them. She like to tell me, "I know. I do," especially when we are doing something that she wants to do herself.

3. We've finally hit the hard core teething stage. We are at 13 and counting. It seems like they all came at once. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night crying, "Ty en ol" (Tylenol). Poor little girl!

And here are some picture updates of our latest adventures!

Lily and I made sugar cookies for Valentines Day. It was our first cookie adventure together and she LOVED it. We were going to make them for her cousins, but as you can tell, Lily had a little too much fun with the dough. I am not sure how much drool ended up in it!

We also made our second trip to Discovery Gateway downtown. This is the first time we have been since she could walk so I was excited to see her explore. Much to my surprise, she spent the majority of time playing with the baby dolls. She carried the baby doll in the picture around for two and a half hours. She had several others that I convinced her to share. The baby went with us to the water feature (the worker let her give the baby a bath) and to Lily's other favorite activity -the balls!

Lily is a Trost girl through and through - she loves her chocolate!

Cousin Titan came to visit us while his parents had a Valentines getaway. We had too much fun! He is such a good baby. Lily thought he was there just for her. She was obsessed with his belly button. The next day we had to dress him in a buttoning onsie to keep her from getting to it. It definitely taught me a lot about preparing for number two! Align Center
We figured Lily was safe for the cousin picture since she was sleeping. Titan is not so sure.


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

that second to last picture is Hilarious!! He looks soooo freaked out. haha!
Cute pictures!!!

Aileen and Aaron Trost said...

I love the last picture of Titan! Too cute!

Hilary said...

So cute! Can't wait to see you!