Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cortland John Parker

38 weeks 5 days

Our big day finally arrived! I went to my 38 week doctor's appointment on Monday expecting a regular in and out check up. Unfortunately, my blood pressure was slightly elevated, and due to my previous experience with pre-eclampsia, my doctor told me I had the option of being induced on Tuesday or on Thursday. I had truly hoped to avoid being induced - especially since my mom is out of town this week. Also, my labor and delivery was less than ideal with Lily so I didn't want to have a repeat experience.

Johnny and I decided to have the baby on Tuesday and I am so glad that we did! It was a beautiful, perfect, amazing experience! I couldn't have asked for a better labor and delivery. We checked into the hospital at 7 am. I was already dilated to a 3+ and 70 percent effaced. Pitocin was started at 8 am and I was thrilled that the nurse was able to get the IV in on the first try - WOOHOO (my miracle #1)! My blood pressure was still high, but not as high as it was at the doctor's appointment so it was decided that I didn't have to have the magnesium drip unless it escalated (miracle #2).

I pulled out my IPOD and listened to all my Hypnobabies relaxation tracks as the contractions picked up. It must have relaxed me because my blood pressure never went too high and I was able to get in a great nap even while having some semi-intense contractions.

Around 10 am, the contractions were coming hard and more closely together. I was feeling a lot of back labor. Johnny was awesome and gave me a deep tissue foot massage to distract me. I had told the nurses that I would let them know when I wanted the epidural and that they didn't have to ask me how I was on the pain scale when they checked in on me. Johnny and I had to laugh because whenever they checked in on me they would smile and say, "Are you SURE there isn't anything else you would like us to get for you?"

By about 11:15 am we decided that we were SURE it was time for the epidural. I had progressed to a five and was starting to have a harder time relaxing during the contractions. I really wanted to save my energy for when I had to push. The anesthiologist arrived and our nurse kept accidently calling him Mike Meyers. Now that would be an interesting anesthiologist! He was fabulous and the epidural felt GREAT! Loved it. I was able to relax and take a little short nap while Johnny enjoyed the lunch that I wasn't able to have.

At 12:45, I felt several small pops and we discovered that my water had broke. I actually had two bags that broke one after the other. When the first one broke I was at a 7 and minute later when the second one broke I was at a 10. The nurse said we were ready to go and have the baby. I was shocked at how quickly we went from a 5 to a 10! It was awesome! Our doctor was called in and they topped off my epidural. I was glad they did because the pressure was pretty intense. I pushed for about 15 minutes. Pushing was so much nicer this time! I pushed for two hours with Lily. I didn't tear at all this time which was pretty nice.

Cortland John Parker arrived at 1:28 pm. He was born with quite the set of lungs!

All in all - it was the perfect day. We love our new little boy and we are enjoying every second with him. And, of course, Lily is THRILLED to have a baby brother.

The little girls were excited to see him! Thanks Aileen for watching Lily. She loved spending time with Kyrie and Ally.


Aileen and Aaron Trost said...

He's such a beautiful baby! So glad to hear all went well. Thanks for letting Lily come play with us. Both girls (and I) enjoyed having her for the day. It was a lot of fun having one more little girl in the house. I hope we can have her come play again soon.

Janae said...

I am glad things went so well! He is beautiful and I love his name. Hopefully you get lots of rest and can recover well!

Amy and Clark said...

Welcome Cortland! We are so excited you made it! So glad to here that you had a good labor! Can't wait to meet him in August.

Tanji, Jimmy and Baby Jay! said...

Tara, he's beautiful! I'm soo jealous! Good luck with everything! I'm glad everything went soo much smoother!

Blake and Laura said...

Congratulations! Where did you come up with the name? I have never heard it before. He is definitely precious!

The Payne family said...

Wow, 2 kids! That is amazing that things went so smooth. I guess that means it's time for another one. Ha ha! Jk. Make sure you post lots of pictures!

Brett and Emily said...

He's darling! CONGRATS! How exciting! You have such a beautiful family!

Broc and Cambria said...

I love the one with his eyes Lily would say...he is very "toot" :)