Friday, July 10, 2009

Tot School - the Letter Z

With Baby Boy only being 20 days a way, I am trying to focus more on getting Tot School underway with Lily and getting ourselves in a routine. Mainly so she isn't bored silly when the baby comes! This week is the first week where we almost did an activity every day that actually had to do with the same theme. Tot School was a little unorthodox - we started with the Letter Z instead of A, but that's because I knew I had all the supplies that I wanted for the week. Overall, we had lots of fun and I am excited to come up with activities for next week. Nesting has definitely kicked in! Now if only I can get it all done by the 30th!

Lily traced the letter Z with her fingers and put sticker animals in her letter Z Zoo.

We've already been to the Hogle Zoo this year so we decided to check out the Living Planet Aquarium instead. It was actually a lot better than I thought it was. Lily loved it! She was fascinated by the sharks and eels.

Lily became a bit possessive of the fish at this tank. When they swam near her, she would put her hands over the glass and shout "mine" at whoever was standing near her. She met her match because the little girl standing next to her did the same thing. And she just happened to be named Lily, too!

Lily and the sting ray. She did not want to touch them!

Lily found Nemo.

I also set up a mini-zoo in her bedroom. She had fun for a little while looking for all the animals and taking pictures of them. Her favorites were the mommy and baby animals that I put together.

We read books about Zebras and Lily put Zebra stripes on her letter Z's.

More from the aquarium - sorry they are out of order. She loved the stuffed snakes in the gift shop!

Lily driving the boat in the Utah section of the aquarium. She liked to use the handheld radio to give out orders.


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Look at you!! What a fun way to teach Z!!
She is just adorable. That is all there is to it. :)

A Toast to Kos said...

You're going to have a baby so soon! AHHHHH!!!!