Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Discovery Gateway

This momma loves a deal! I was able to get discount tickets to Discovery Gateway, a delightful children's musuem downtown. It was a bit too crowded for my taste at first, but later in the afternoon it calmed down. My Lily loved learning about air and wind at the above exhibit. She would place a colorful ball in the tube and then shut it and watch in awe as it shot up the tube and across the way. Each time she would shout, "where are you going?" She did this for at least a half hour. I love the air blowing through her hair.

My little man knows just what to do with flowers. For him it is all about texture.
Often it is the softer the better!

I love the tenderness of little mommy Lily. She adores baby dolls. She feeds them, rocks them to sleep, takes them on walks, and loves them all over. Here is she putting five babies to bed while her daddy watches. It's lovely how the ability to mother is so innate and present in the littlest of ladies.

Fish for dinner anyone?

What a cute little mommy!

Yep, Cort loves textures. He was in heaven with in this cork sandbox with mommy making sure none made it to his mouth. Scooping, dropping, feeling.

And we cannot forget the balls. Every little boy loves balls and must have one for each hand.

Cortie also spent some time in the area just for the littlest people. He thought this rocking dog was pretty fun and a little too tasty ...

Spontaniety was a good lesson for this week as well. We were out looking at homes and drove by a dinosaur museum. Lily shrieked with joy and asked if we could go? Why not!

This was a good opportunity for me to practice letting her know the rules of the museum and then letting her explore and have fun within those parameters. Sometimes I think I am too quick to tell her what she should be playing or how she should do something. It was fun to watch what she was interested in and make it a fun experience for her.

And have I mentioned that my almost three year old is a budding artist! She loves anything to do with creating so I am try to provide her with more opportunities. I recently bought these fun bingo daubers which she is loving.


Julie Carlile said...

She is so adorable :) I love her smile.

Aubrey said...

That looks like such a fun place for families! We will definitely have to go. I can't believe how old both your children are getting. Time passes so quickly!