Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Players

It is a happy talent to know how to play.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
American writer

And play we did! We spent many hours outside in the rain and sunshine this week. Lily helped me plant squash, zucchini, and daisy seeds. She loves to dig. As I work, she skips, runs, jumps, twirls from one side of the yard to the other. And this darling little boy just peacefully sits and drinks it all in.
I've always loved being outside, but I guess in years past I've found myself more of an inside girl. But this year I can't give enough of the sunny skies and fresh air. Maybe it is because my little one likes to remind me so often ... and I am glad that she does!

As you can see our yard is far from perfect .... but I don't think that Lily cares. She'd explore for hours if I let her. Some days I spend lots of time trying to tame our wilderness, and other days we probably play a little more.


Hilary said...

YAY! Happy Spring friend!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Your little guy is so adorable!! I just want to kiss those cheeks!!
Isn't it nice to have good weather? Love it!!

Julie Carlile said...

Isn't it funny how they seem so much happier when they are outside? I have so many ways that kids remind me of dogs, I should write a book about it. :)