Friday, May 16, 2008

San Diego Trip Part 1

Since I plan on homeschooling our children - I am trying to get into the whole educational vibe. Johnny and I took Lily to our Credit Union's SeaWorld day to show Lily the penguins, sloths, and turtles that they brought for an educational day. Before I knew it .... Southern California was calling my name ... shouting more like it :). I jumped on Priceline to see what kind of a deal we could get and as luck would have it - we were able to get a fantastic, unbeatable deal. Being the spontaneous people we are, we packed up the next week and headed to sunny San Diego for a few days for a much needed vacation. We absolutely loved it! And Lily was fantastic the entire time ... except for when we went into the shark pavilion ... can't blame her there! So here are a few of the pictures from our trip with more to come from the other sights we visited.

I love Beluga Whales. I am saving my pennies so I can swim with them next time. Lily was fascinated, too, and paid attention to them much longer than we thought she would.
I love Behind the Scenes tours. We signed up for the Penguin Encounter. This is Penguin 133 - a macaroni penguin. Who they said has never bitten anyone before, but got dangerously close to Lily's pink hair bow with a sneaky look in his eye.
This is Johnny and Lily in the actual Penguin habitat at SeaWorld. Guests usually just get to see the Penguins from a moving walkway behind the glass, but our tour took us into the habitat! It was a cool 27 degrees! Good thing we brought Lily's sweat suit! This penguin is blind and named King Tut. King Tut was kind of moody.
And here is Lily with her favorite type of penguins - the kind she can hug! She is like Johnny and will hug anything furry that she can get her cute little hands on!

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Andrea Grover said...

Awww! That last picture of Lily is especially adorable!