Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Johnny and I are doing a family Biggest Loser and trying to get in better shape. I had high blood pressure during my pregnancy with Lily so we decided to see what we could do to improve our health.

So I am tracking my food points daily, taking lots of walks with Lily, and spending of time on my new favorite fitness invention: WII FIT.

This picture is an example of one of the many things you can do on Wii Fit. My past relationships with yoga have never gone very well. I was the one in the back of the room at Yoga Enrichment night, tipping over and making other yoga enthusiasts lose their concentration. However, in the safety of my own home - with only a baby to giggle at my awkwardness - I am actually enjoying my yoga time as I "strengthen my core." Wii Fit also has aerobic, strength, and balance exercises. It also tracks your weight daily - unfortunately your Mii (Wii character) plumps out to resemble your current weight. That unfortunate fact aside, I am enjoying my 40 minutes a day of Wii time!

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Andrea Grover said...

Seth and I aren't what you'd call "gym rats," so we've considered Wii Fit as well. Let us know about your progress!