Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Memorial Day

I'm a little behind in putting up pictures. I couldn't find the uploading cord for about a week. Luckily Lily found it for me. She is good at doing that.

We had a good Memorial Day Weekend with family. On Monday we had a birthday dinner for my sister in law Aileen and my Dad. We also played Settlers of Cataan - a family favorite. Johnny and I are getting pretty good - it is just that my brother Aaron is way too good! So we are open to any Settlers challengers out there.
These two pictures are Lily with her cousin Ally. Ally is now about two and a half months. She is a cutie. This is about as close as we let Lily get. She loves babies and we are working on not touching their faces. Please disregard Lily's hair. It started out the day in pigtails and ended in horns :)

Our favorite babysitters! Conner and Ada.

Now that Lily is getting older she is getting better at playing with older kids. Plus cousin Kyrie is pretty patient. Lily seems to like her a lot!

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