Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sorry ladies ... this daddy is taken!

Happy Father's Day to Johnny! It is pretty hard to top last year's Father's day gift - a cute one day old Lily. In this past year Johnny has proven to be the best daddy and best husband Lily and I could ask for. A few examples ....

Johnny went with me to every doctor's appointment when I was pregnant with Lily. Now that is dedication! From the quick five minute check ups to the longer and more exciting ultrasounds - he didn't miss a one.

After Lily was born, he pretty much single handedly ran our household for a month or two while working graveyard shifts on the weekends. Family and friends helped out, too, but Johnny was amazing! He took such tender care of Lily. He was a trooper and took turns with me getting up with her at night.

He loves to teach Lily new things. I love watching them together. You would think that he was the one who took all the classes in child development!

Johnny has always put the gospel and his family first. I never have to wonder where his priorities are because he shows me every day.

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