Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy First Birthday Lily!

We can't believe our little girl is one! One year has never gone by so fast! Today we had a small celebration at home with just us and we will be having a swim party with family on Saturday.

Lily loved her gift! I hid it under a blanket the night before, but she found it anyway. I had to rehide it so that she could be surprised when Johnny woke up. She loves to smile at herself and give herself kisses. She will also bounce up and down with the music and touch the colors as they light up.
Lily also got to be a fairy princess for her birthday. I saw the tutu/fairy kit at Deseret Book for only $4 and couldn't pass it up. It took me ten minutes to make the tutu (put all the fabric on) and put the butterfly wings together. Her Children's Place princess 1st birthday shirt was only $2. Hooray for good deals that make fun birthdays!

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