Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I will admit it - I am cheap, but I still want quality. I hate to pay full price for anything. I think it is genetic because my mom's the same way. Now that I have had a baby my addiction to finding a good deal has gotten worse. Ebay, consignment stores, freecycle - all my best friends. Three-fourths of Lily's toys are practically new hand-me-downs and I am not complaining!

So my latest addiction is babysteals.com. I found out about it at the South Towne Expo Mommy Fair. They offer a brand new "baby steal" every day. The steals are fun mommy/baby products at 40-80 percent off regular price. Their shipping speed is fabulous! I got my Teething Bling two days later.

So far I have bought Teething Bling and Signing Time videos for Lily. I bought the teething jewelry for me to wear since Lily is finally getting her teeth (at 11 months old). After the fact, I went to the company's web-site and saw that I had good company with my Teething Bling - Tori Spelling, Mr. Big from Sex in the City, and my person favorite - Niecy Nash from Who Wants a Clean House. Now I am a big fan of Who Wants a Clean House. Probably because I lean toward pack rat tendencies and it makes me feel good to see houses messier than mine :). So I figure if Niecy has it - it must be great right? She always looks fabulous.

So check it out! The web-site is www.babysteals.com


Deanna said...

Tara! Bless your heart. I too, am a big fan of deals since my daughter was born. I just read your post and bought a Signing Time DVD! We love those! I always check them out from the library b/c they cost $20! Thank you so much! Here are some other saving blogs to read if you're interested: frugonomics101.blogspot.com, http://babycheapskate.blogspot.com
Thanks again!

www.babysteals.com said...

Thank you Tara for blogging about us! We appreciate it more than you know!