Saturday, August 23, 2008

August Update

With all the fun of the Olympics and last few weeks of summer we haven't had as much time to post. We've been having too much fun! Here is an update for the last few weeks.

As luck would have it, I was living in Idaho during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and I wasn't able to attend any of the events. Neither Johnny or I have been to the Olympic Park in Park City so we decided to make a day trip of it. We loved Main Street Pizza and the fantastic art galleries. Lily barked at every picture of a wolf, dog or fox - she must have enjoyed it, too.

A highlight of the day was riding the zipline! You can kind of see it in the background. Neither of our pictures from actually riding it turned out to well, but we had a blast!

And as for Lily's latest - she is a walking/talking/running/climbing one-year-old going on ten. Her latest passion is shoes. She might even do better in my high heels than me. She even manages to get them on the right feet!

She has also discovered the classic baby hideaway in the entertainment center cupboard. Notice the cupboard is completely empty of toys - I can't say as much for my living room floor!

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Sasha Mari said...

Oh my goodness she is so gorgeous!!! These Parker couples make some nice looking children, and i am sure they wonderfully sweet too.