Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Between Friends Sale

Sadly, I am a walking advertisement for consignment sales I guess. They took this picture of my stash at the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale yesterday and posted it on KSL. I volunteered at it and sold a small number of things myself to subsidize what I was going to buy myself. I absolutely love these sales! As you can see, I found quite a lot! They take place twice a year and since I volunteer , I get first pick, with a few other volunteers, of everything there. Here are my steals:
Lily's entire fall/winter 2008,
spring/summer 2009,
and some of her fall/winter 2009 wardrobe.
(all practically new from Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, Carter's, and Sprockets. And I am very picky!)
2 Wendy Bellisimo Storage Baskets Brand New
2 Pairs of Winter Boots/Shoes for Lily
Eddie Bauer Monkey Back Pack Leash
Knitted Hat
Matching Hat and Mittens
Several Boxes of Wet Wipes
Gap Maternity Jeans (Brand new for $4)
A maternity dress shirt
Brand new tub toys for Lily
Maybe a few other little things
For only $140.

I was thrilled! I bought about 20 complete outfits for Lily.

I love a good deal! And the best part is, I will get some of that money of the money I spent back if any of my own things sold!

My sister was able to get tons of clothes for her baby due in October, too. Her favorite deals were the brand new Bumbo for $15 and the excellent condition Boppy for $6. You can't beat that!

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