Monday, August 11, 2008

Conner's Mission Call!

My brother Conner was in Florida when his mission call came. We were out to dinner with Cami and Broc the night that they all flew in so we decided to see if he would open it that night. Really, who can wait? So Lily met him at the door with the call in her hands. Lucky for us, Conner opened it and he received his call to:
Santa Rosa, California!

We are very excited for him. He goes into the MTC on September 24th and his farewell is September 14th - coming up fast.

Lily also has been perfecting her climbing skills. I got a call on my cell phone when I was unloading the dishes. By the time I had hung up, I turned around to find this:


Edda Phillips said...

Hi Tara! I didn't know you had a blog - I found yours on Laura's page. Hope that's all right. :) I'll be sure to add you now. Ours is

Janae said...

Hey Tara! It's been a long time. You have such a cute family! My blog is

Melissa said...


I laughed SO hard at the dishwasher picture. What a fun girl Miss Lily is!

Congrats to Connor! I can't believe he's old enough to be doing the mission thing. Wasn't he like 11 last time I checked? :)

Thanks for keeping us updated on your fabulous fam.