Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color and Apple Berry Lipstick is ...... drum roll please ..... bunnybx!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Even though you may not have gotten the full size fabulous products ... feel free to check out my web-site ( ) and let me know what samples you would like to try .... COMPLETELY FREE :).

Also, stay tuned for how to get this fabulous new compact ABSOLUTELY FREE :)

Just to get your excited .... the compact is:
Magnetic - no more make up falling out
Purse Tested - will survive the messiest purse without scratches from keys
Refillable - Customize it in 1000s of combinations


Bunny B said...

Oh, wow!! Tara!! I won! :) Woohoo!! It's so hard to win at the Carnivals! Thank you SO much! Could I also get some samples :P

Head Over Hills said...

After reading Jades last post about all your comments, I had to check your blog. (I also like to leave comments so that people know who's been on their blog) Anyway- as I was looking at your last few entries, I started seeing some familiar pictures. So, I started reading a little closer and they were pictures from the Oregon coast. We just returned from the Newport, Lincoln city area last week. I just thought it was fun to recognize where your pictures came from. Did you have as much fun as we did?